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No other gift says "I love you forever" like Ash&Cort!!

Body Armor


ASH and CORT is more than jewelry.

Our adornments should be worn as body armor. ASHandCORT is designed to raise the vibration in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Each piece is created for a different purpose. From protection pieces to love and prosperity. Ask your inner self what brought you here and choose the adornments that speak directly to you. 


Please note that our adornments sell out fast. We try our best to restock Monthly. Subscribe to our website to not miss out on any new releases.   

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All Images of Jewelry are the property of Ash.A co. 


We are not mental health professionals. We are offering a safe place for individuals and/or couples to feel comfortable sharing  personal things and helping with the healing process. All sessions are done in confidentiality. If you feel you may need to seek professional help, we advise that you find a mental health professional who can assist.