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All Images of Jewelry are the property of Ash.A co. 


We are not mental health professionals. We are offering a safe place for individuals and/or couples to feel comfortable sharing  personal things and helping with the healing process. All sessions are done in confidentiality. If you feel you may need to seek professional help, we advise that you find a mental health professional who can assist.


Full Moon




We all want stability and to feel grounded in life. Living in this modern age the economy doesn’t make it any easier for us. With the full moon in Taurus let’s manifest the life with want through the love for the things we’re passionate about. There’s a quote “when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.” Are you fueling your fire? Taurus also being ruled by Venus the planet of love, satisfaction and creativity. Let your heart lead the way under this November full moon. Keep in mind we’re still in Scorpio sun, there’s a lot of intense emotions and passion in the air. Right now at this very moment ask yourself what truly makes you happy and what no longer serves you any purpose. Life is too short to live unfulfilled. This Taurus Full Moon wants you to feel the fruits of your labor, to love from a special space with no regards. 


We are now creating adornments on new and full moons only. Every adornment will be charged under the new/full moon of the month it's created in. There will also be a small drawing of the zodiac constellation of that new/full moon somewhere on the adornment. Setting intention and putting it into every creation is top priority.