Yoni Steaming with Ash.Am

Peace Queens we hope this vlog reaches you right on time. With the season and time change we're creeping upon longer nights. The lack of Ra tends to throw many of us into a depression. It's especially important to cater to yourself now, more than any other time of the year. There are many ways to keep your vibrations high, one of our favorite self care rituals is Yoni Steaming. Not only does steaming with herbs come with plenty of health benefits it's also amazingly relaxing. ME TIME is vital, always remember "you can't pour from an empty cup." Healing starts with YOU, not at the doctors office.

ASH.A CO IS NOW CARRYING HERBS!!! TELL A FRIEND! Check out our shop to purchase our locally grown herbs. They can be used for Tea, yoni steams, bath soaks and more. Please feel free to reach us via email with any questions or concerns.


Xo, Cort & Ash

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We are not mental health professionals. We are offering a safe place for individuals and/or couples to feel comfortable sharing  personal things and helping with the healing process. All sessions are done in confidentiality. If you feel you may need to seek professional help, we advise that you find a mental health professional who can assist.