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All Images of Jewelry are the property of Ash.A co. 


We are not mental health professionals. We are offering a safe place for individuals and/or couples to feel comfortable sharing  personal things and helping with the healing process. All sessions are done in confidentiality. If you feel you may need to seek professional help, we advise that you find a mental health professional who can assist.


We're so happy you're here. Let's take a moment to acknowledge this act of self love, bravery and effort to starting a new path of love.

Love Sessions is a safe space that we have created to give those in need an ear

to listen and a guide to help in your personal or love life. We're offering couple and individual video or audio chat coaching sessions.



Need to vent?

Need guidance maneuvering through a tough time?

Need pointers on building a stronger bond?

This space is curated for those needing 

genuine support in a non-judgmental zone. We want

to see you reach your higher self, whatever that may

look like for you.



Sessions May Include

Chakra Test

Breathing techniques

Sound Healing

Abhyanga Massage


Mindful Meditation

Color Therapy

Crystal Meditation

Tarot Reading

We suggest along with Love Sessions 

to start your healing journey with our "Love Yours"

365 days of Q & A journal. We have written and published two

different interactive journals, one for couples and one for

self care. Throughout the years of overcoming anxiety

and depression we've found journaling to be one of the best ways 

to release and reflect. Each journal gives you daily thought provoking 

questions to challenge yourself or partner. 

Click The Desired Journal to learn more.

Let's Connect!

If you've read this far, there's magnetic forces pulling

you to start this new journey of love. You can ignore it or follow your intuition. 

Creating with Intent every FULL MOON

Starting with the FULL HUNTER'S MOON we're offering new crystal adornments that will be created and charged under the monthly full moon. There will only be a selected few adornments.

Don't Miss out!